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The Society of Toxicologic Pathology (STP) Internet Committee-Web-based Education Subcommittee (WBEC) is pleased to offer these quarterly Short Education Webinar Series as an educational tool to foster collaboration among the toxicologic pathology community. The seventh of the series will focus on Working with Pigs in Biomedical Research which features six presentations from a half-day Continuing Education Course at the STP Combined Annual Meeting held in Minneapolis, Minnesota (October 2015).

Swine are increasingly being used in biomedical research, both in toxicologic pathology and in medical devices work, including as possible organ donors for humans. This course will review the various strains of pigs used for biomedical research, their unique anatomy, clinical pathology, and background diseases and lesions. In addition to general toxicology, the use of pigs in dermatologic, ocular, and device work will be reviewed by subject matter experts.


Working with Pigs in Biomedical Research

Emergence of the Miniature Swine in Biomedical Research: Do Different Breeds Support Different Needs?

Guy Bouchard, DVM, MS, DACT, Sinclair Research Center, LLC

Background and Unique Considerations: Anatomic Pathology

Kristie Mozzachio, DVM, DACVP, WIL Research, Hillsborough, NC; and
Gregory S. Travlos, DVM, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Sexual Maturity in Minipigs

Paul Howroyd, MA, VETMB, MRCVS, FRCPath, WIL Research Europe-Lyon

Pigs in General Toxicology—A European Perspective

Alys Bradley, BSc, BVSc, MAnimSc, DipRCPath, FRIPH, MRCVS, FRCPath, FIATP, Charles River Laboratories

The Miniature Swine As a Model in Experimental and Translational Medicine

Alain Stricker-Krongrad, PhD, MSc, Sinclair Research Center, LLC

So… How DO You Work with Minipigs?

Kristie Mozzachio, DVM, DACVP, WIL Research


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