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Abstract Submission Deadline
April 1, 2011

Student Travel Award Deadline
April 1, 2011

Advance Registration Deadline
April 10, 2011


May 20, 2011

Meeting Cancellation Deadline
May 20, 2011

Hotel Reservation

May 23, 2011

General Information

Toxicologic Pathology and the Immune System

Scientific Co-Chairs:
Susan A. Elmore, DVM, MS, DACVP, DABT, National Toxicology Program, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC
Patrick J. Haley, DVM, PhD, DACVP, Incyte Corporation, Wilmington, DE
Jerrold M. Ward, DVM, PhD, DACVP, Global VetPathology, Montgomery Village, MD

Program Agenda PDF icon

The Society of Toxicologic Pathology (STP) will host a symposium on the fundamentals and recent innovations in the field of toxicologic pathology and the immune system. The focus of this international meeting is to correlate advances in the morphologic evaluation and interpretation of immunopathology findings with functional, cellular, and molecular knowledge in a series of plenary and poster sessions.

The major goal of the meeting is to provide an interactive program that allows for discussion of the current state of knowledge of immunopathology evaluations in conventional toxicology and specialized immunopathology studies. Foundational sessions will include fundamentals of Immune System Biology, including Basic Immunology, Functional Tests and Toxicologic Immunopathology; Innate Immunity; Acquired Immunity; Developmental Immunology; Challenges of Therapeutic Immunomodulation; and Issues and Observations Concerning Environmental Exposure to Immunotoxicants.

The presentations will focus on a mix of standardized and contemporary pathology methods for immunopathology investigations. The meeting will also provide a unique forum to review the progress in the application of best practices for routine and specialized pathology evaluations of the immune system across the pharmaceutical, chemical, and academic worlds of pathology. An interactive panel discussion will explore the issues associated with differentiation of stress effects and immunotoxicity.

The traditional NTP Satellite Symposium, entitled Pathology Potpourri, in advance of the symposium will focus on the customary presentations of challenging lesions but will also include a presentation on proposed INHAND lymphoid nomenclature. Four continuing education sessions will be held on Sunday before the general sessions begin; Interacting with Regulatory Authorities: What to Do and What Not to Do; Novel Biomarker Discovery, Qualification, and Application in Drug Development: What’s New, What’s Used, and What’s New, Used and Successful ; Ultrastructural Analysis and Toxicologic Pathology; and Histopathology of the Rodent Lymphoid and Hematopoietic Systems. A half-day Career Development Workshop: “Leaving the Rat Race: Consulting As a Career Choice in Toxicologic Pathology” will also be held on Sunday and the Career Development Lunchtime Series Monday will provide guidance on the use of professional networking in career development.

The immune system and its responses is one of the more complex and challenging arenas of toxicologic inquiry and regulatory concern, and this congress promises to be an opportunity to review and expand your knowledge in this important field. We hope you will join us for this exciting program in Denver.

Headquarters Hotel

Hyatt Regency Denver

The Hyatt Regency Denver will be the headquarters hotel of the Symposium. This Four-Diamond Denver hotel is in an ideal Downtown location near arts, entertainment, sports, restaurants and shopping. The hotel is just steps away from the 16th Street Mall—Denver’s hub of shopping, dining, and entertainment that stretches for 16 blocks in the heart of the Mile High City’s downtown. STP has a block of discounted rooms at the hotel. You are encouraged to make reservations early to ensure availability.

NTP Symposium

Pathology Potpourri

Saturday, June 18
(Free Event; Registration Required)

Chair: Susan Elmore, MS, DVM, DACVP, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Continuing Education Courses

Half-Day CE Courses

Sunday, June 19
(Additional Fee)

Four Continuing Education Courses will be offered this year.

  • Novel Biomarker Discovery, Qualification, and Application in Drug Development: What’s New, What’s Used, and What’s New, Used and Successful
  • Interacting with Regulatory Authorities: What to Do and What Not to Do
  • Histopathology of the Rodent Lymphoid and Hematopoietic Systems
  • Ultrastructural Analysis and Toxicologic Pathology

Career Development Workshop

Leaving the Rat Race: Consulting As a Career Choice in Toxicologic Pathology

Sunday, June 19
(Free Event; Registration Required)

For more information visit the Continuing Education Course section.

Workshop Flyer PDF icon

Career Development Lunchtime Series

Professional Networking Using New Technologies

Monday, June 20
(Free Event; Registration Required)

Lunchtime Series Flyer PDF icon

Responsible Authorship and Publication Practices:
An IATP & STP Sponsored Workshop & Panel Discussion

Wednesday, June 22
(Free Event; Registration Required)

A 15-minute PowerPoint presentation will highlight issues related to authorship, order of authorship, what constitutes plagiarism and self-plagiarism, ethical issues, and conflict of interest related to manuscript preparation and submission. This session will include pointers on how to get your manuscript published, how to deal with reviewers’ comments, what constitutes a least publishable unit, and responsibilities of editors and associate editors. To stimulate audience discussion and to challenge the panel members, there will be practical and realistic case presentations, including when it is appropriate to include the pathologist as an author and how best to determine the order of authorship for publications produced by a committee or working group, such as INHAND documents. A box lunch will be provided by IATP for attendees who pre-register for the session by June 13. (Please register early. Space is limited to 78 attendees.)

Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall will be open Sunday evening through Wednesday featuring companies offering products and services relating to toxicologic pathology. Scientific posters will be displayed in the Exhibit Hall during exhibit hours and complimentary continental breakfasts and coffee breaks will take place in the hall Monday through Wednesday.

Monday Lunch

A buffet lunch sponsored by the exhibitors for all scientific attendees will be held on Monday in the Exhibit Hall.

Exhibits Opening

The Exhibit Hall will open on Sunday evening, June 19 from 5:30 PM–7:00 PM.

Meeting Timeline

Abstract Submission Deadline

April 1, 2011

Advance Registration Deadline

April 10, 2011

Pre-Registration Deadline

May 20, 2011

Meeting Cancellation Deadline

May 20, 2011

Hotel Reservation Deadline

May 23, 2011

Meeting Events

Cocktail Reception

Saturday, June 18

Sponsored by Charles River, 7:00 PM–10:00 PM (Mineral Hall D–G)

All attendees and their guests are invited to a cocktail reception on Saturday evening sponsored by Charles River.

Charles River Reception Flyer PDF icon

STP Welcome Reception

Sunday, June 19

Sponsored by Harlan-AnaPath, 5:30 PM–7:00 PM (Centennial Hall E–H and Foyer)

All attendees and their guests are invited to the Welcome Reception and Exhibits Opening on Sunday evening sponsored by Harlan-AnaPath.

Harlan-AnaPath Reception flyer PDF icon

Town Hall Meeting

Monday, June 20

The 2011 Town Hall Meeting will be held on Monday, June 20 from 5:30 PM–6:30 PM. The topic will be, Reversibility in Toxicity Studies.

Best Practices on Recovery Studies: The Role of the Pathologist

The Town Hall Meeting this year will be dedicated as an opportunity to provide member feed back to the SRPC Working Group that is preparing a guidance document on the recovery potential of histomorphologic changes observed in species routinely used in nonclinical toxicology studies. The group is working to review regulatory guidelines and make recommendations regarding why do recovery, when to have a study with a recovery, how to design a recovery arm, the potential outcomes of recovery and their interpretations, and a review of vaccine guidelines and concerns regarding delayed toxicity.

You are encouraged to attend this session and take the opportunity to provide your thought and concerns regarding this important topic.

EPL Reception

Monday, June 20

Sponsored by EPL, 6:30 PM–10:00 PM (Capitol Ballroom 1–3)

All attendees and their guests are invited to a reception Monday evening sponsored by EPL.

EPL Reception flyer PDF icon

Student Outing

Tuesday, June 21

Attention Students: The Society is planning a special student outing on Tuesday afternoon, June 21. This will be a fun opportunity to meet fellow students, and interact with mentors. This function has been the highlight of past meetings for many students. Details will be e-mailed to student registrants.

Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, June 22

The Awards Ceremony will take place on Wednesday evening, June 22. STP Award recipients will be recognized at this time.

Annual Business Meeting

Wednesday, June 22

The STP Annual Business Meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 22 immediately following the Awards Ceremony.

President’s Reception

Wednesday, June 22

The President’s Reception will be held on Wednesday evening, June 22. One ticket to this event is provided to Member, Nonmember, Exhibitor, and Student Registrants as well as registered Spouse/Guests. Additional tickets can be purchased onsite for $65. Attire will be casual.

STP Interest Group Meetings

For contact e-mail information, visit the Meeting Materials page.
(STP Members who are not attending the meeting may participate in the meetings that list speakerphone numbers.)

Monday, June 20   Meeting Room Teleconference Available
Environmental Toxicologic Pathology Interest Group
Meeting AgendaPDF icon
6:30 AM–7:45 AM Mineral G  
Medical Device Pathology Interest Group 7:00 AM–9:00 AM Quartz B  
Clinical Pathology Interest Group 6:00 AM–8:00 AM Mineral F Yes
Tuesday, June 21      
ITPIG 6:30 AM–8:00 AM Agate B Yes
Neuropathology Interest Group 7:00 AM–8:00 AM Agate C Yes
Reproductive Pathology Interest Group 7:00 AM–8:00 AM Quartz A  
TOPIC Interest Group 7:00 AM–8:00 AM Agate A Yes

Meeting Materials

Meeting publications, handouts, attendee list, committee and ancillary meetings schedule, and evaluation forms will be posted on the Meeting Materials page when available.

STP members will use their regular log-ins to access this page. Non-member attendees will receive log-ins and passwords to access the site.

A Special Note for the Physically Challenged

STP wants to ensure that no individual with a disability is excluded, denied services, segregated or otherwise treated differently than other individuals because of the absence of auxiliary aids and services. If you need any auxiliary aids or services identified in the Americans with Disabilities Act, or any assistance in registering for this meeting, please contact STP Headquarters, (703) 438-7508, ext. 1443.

Denver Information

Denver Activities

Denver Convention Bureau


The average summer temperature in Denver, CO is 85º F (30° C). Casual, comfortable attire is appropriate. Please bring sweater or light jacket for the air-conditioned meeting rooms.

Taxes & Tipping

The state sales tax rate is 2.9%. The City and County of Denver has a general sales tax of 3.62%, a 4.0% sales tax on food and liquor for immediate consumption, and a 7.25% sales tax on the rental of automobiles for less than 30 days. A 15–20% tip is customary in restaurants if not already included in the bill.

Time Zone

Denver, Colorado is on Mountain Daylight Time in the summer.

Tours and Outings

  • STP Tuesday Afternoon Optional Tours—STP will offer two optional tours this year on Tuesday afternoon.
  • Member Organized Outings

For more information on the Tuesday afternoon optional tours and member organized outings, please visit the Tours section.


STP wishes to thank its Corporate Sponsors for their generous support of the Society and its activities, which include all events and scientific sessions at the Annual Meeting. Their donations make it possible for STP to continue to offer high quality science at an affordable fee.

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